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Oxyfuel cut


CNC oxyfuel for plates with dimensions between 1800mm to 4000mm for thickness up to 100mm.

Laser cut


We offer the best laser cutting solution for your company, send us your projects and needs that we will be happy to meet!

Plasma cutting


CNC Plasma Solutions for large sheets, with dimensions between 6,000mm and 3,000mm with fast and accurate cuts for steel sheets up to 44.45mm



With our calenders, it is possible to obtain different curvatures in flat steel sheets, thus forming tanks, cylinders, tubes, etc. Request a Quote

CNC bending machines


Extreme rigor in bending. Bending Capacity – Up to 4 Meters for   400 Tons. Request a free quote.

MIG/TIG Welding


We have qualified professionals to carry out the welding and assembly service of parts. Request a free quote. We respond Super Fast.


JL ensures that project and development outputs meet input requirements for projects under development, provide appropriate information for procurement, production, and service delivery, contain product acceptance criteria, and specify product characteristics that are essential for its safe and proper use.

Complete Solutions for Cutting Sheets in Laser, Oxyfuel and Plasma. We shape your project. Modern Machines Guarantee Speed ​​and Best Price. Check it out.